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Thank you for participating in DUG's annual Grow a Garden program!

The Grow a Garden kits offer a mix of non-GMO, organic veggie, herb, + flower seeds and seedlings that grow well together. Each kit also comes with a bilingual Plant Care Guide to guide you through planting and seasonal care for your garden. For a full list of the contents of each type of kit, please visit our website:

Please note, DUG does not guarantee the contents of the kits, and substitutions may need to occur.  

If you or someone you know need(s) help completing this order form, please contact

Ordering starts February 1st and will close when all kits are sold out. 

Pick up your kit(s) the week of May 13th. 

This form collects information that helps us better understand who this program serves and offers insights about how we can improve. We need to collect demographic data about program participants to meet the requirements of our funders. All answers you provide will remain anonymous and confidential and will be stored securely to protect your identity and information. By completing this form, you agree to the uses of your data as described above, and you agree that we can process your data in line with our privacy policy and with the privacy policy of Form Assembly.

You will need a phone number and an email address to complete this form. You can get a free email address here.

This program is available pay-what-you-can with a free option.  

We accept all major credit and debit cards. We DO NOT accept cash or checks for this program. Please select the free option if our payment options are not convenient for you. 
Contact Information

This order form has two versions. One version is for individual households or groups needing only one kit. The other version is for groups needing more than one kit. We encourage individual households to order only one kit, but please make a selection consistent with your needs. 

Each kit contains a minimum of 12 plants and 4 seed packets.

Please note, if you need more than 5 total kits, you must email for a custom order. 

Demographic Information

Please consider sharing some information about yourself to help DUG fund this program. Remember, DUG will always keep your personal information confidential. 

In order to comply with the requirements of our funders for this program, we need your help collecting demographic information about the community members you serve. After you complete this order form, DUG's Food Access Programs Manager will reach out to you directly.

Garden Kit Selection

All kits come with at least 4 seed packets, 12 seedlings, and a Plant Care Guide.

Some substitutions may be necessary, so the kit(s) you pick up may differ from the kit contents shown below.  
Kit Options
Garden Kit Selection
As the representative of a large group, you can order any quantity of kits appropriate for the community members you serve. We suggest one kit per household. Please reach out to with any questions.
Groups can select up to 5 kits
Individuals can select only 1 kit
Kits Available
Kits Available
Kits Available
Kits Available
Kits Available

Distribution Center Selection

Your garden kit(s) will be ready for pick up the week of May 13th. 

Please review the below map to pick a distribution center convenient for you.

Delete the Distribution Center to select another option.

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Pay-What-You-Can with a free option

The suggested fee is $60 per kit, but please choose a price appropriate for you. 

Please do not hesitate to choose the free option if paying for your kit poses a financial burden. This is a community food access program open to everyone. 

If you can afford to help, we hope you consider paying a little extra to help cover the cost of the kits for your neighbors. 



Are you sure you want to charge this amount? Please adjust the price per kit if necessary.
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